IFS Strategy Trading

Simple way to implement your trading Strategy.


Strategy Trading (ST) is designed to provide the professional trader integrated software tools to conveniently manage live trading conditions.

Main functionality of the system:

  • Integrating with MT4 terminal;
  • Joining accounts into groups called Strategies;
  • Building accounts chain;
  • Managing accounts and strategies;
  • Setting parameters for opening a position on MT4;
  • Applying conditions for closing an order on MT4.

The system consists of following modules:

  • Strategy plug-in, that needs to be installed in MT4 Administrator. Contains algorithms for following operations:
    • linking accounts;
    • opening an order on master and slave accounts;
    • closing an order on master and slave accounts.
  • MySQL database that stores all the data;
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI), a web-application for easy use of the system with next functions:
    • Creating new and modifying existing strategies;
    • Attaching and detaching accounts from strategies;
    • Deleting and editing accounts;
    • Setting and removing rules for attached accounts in strategies;
    • Creating new users for system use.

Plugin requirements:
compatible with MT4 only;
access to the MT4 Server.
MT4 Server requirements:
Execution type: server
Processor: Intel Dual Xeon 3GHz and higher or AMD Opteron 265 Dual-Core and higher with SSE2 instructions support
Memory: 6 GB
Disks: two SATA disks with 200 GB in RAID1 and one SATA disk with 200 GB for back-ups
OS: Windows Server 2008 Web Edition R2 x64

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